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I have spent years achieving - striving for the next thing. I rose quickly to the top of the organisations I worked for and when the time was right, I took the leap into my own business and had six-figure years from the start. But after each achievement, I still felt disconnected from it; like there was more.

After being in my business for two years, I started a journey of self-discovery. I had always liked a bit of woo, having Reiki Sessions, seeing psychics etc, always looking for something. When I was introduced to Human Design in early 2016, the game changed for me. It was woo steeped in science and when I read my chart, I felt relief.
It was ok to be me.

Since that time, I have become to understand who I truly am, and live life on my terms, not by what others dictate. Instead of striving to achieve, I enjoy each moment for what it is. I understand my feeling for more was my body guiding me to come back to the real me, and I have now completed the circle - feeling whole on days when I achieve and days when I do not.

While I have been business coaching for the past few years, I now concentrate on the human side of business. Helping business owners understand what the feeling of 'more' is for them, understand who they are and then how to live using their energy in the most sustainable and abundant way for them, so they too can complete the circle.

  • I absolutely love working with Jess. Such a bright, caring and helpful lady who always has an idea to help me move myself and my business forward. Even on the days where I feel I had nothing to celebrate, Jess shows me the positive to the situation I am in, gives me a solution to help move me forward and encourages me to dream bigger than I ever thought possible.
  • I’ve been working with Jessica for several months after connecting with her when I was looking at Instagram courses to ensure that I was on top of my knowledge. From there, I signed up to one of her on going memberships which allows me the chance to learn things from all different areas; including having some training sessions developed around what I want to learn!
    Jessica has a wealth of knowledge and a fun personality which means that topics that would normally be dry and boring are given life; and she’s not afraid to share her knowledge of social media, email marketing or online businesses in general, meaning you will get a lot out of your time with her.
    Anne Parnell
    The Office Maven
  • Even on the days I'm not posting in the (accountability) group, TIA has now trained me to wake up and do the intentions & actions - and then get it done. It's trained my brain to be action orientated - but not just to be busy - but to move forward. As a teacher Jess is patient, gentle and deeply insightful. She'll get serious about her work and you can see how much she cares, and then she'll crack some unexpected joke and you'll remember there is an awesomely funny woman under that serious business person. I feel spoilt to have worked with her.
    Caroline Southwell
    Caroline Southwell
  • "I attended a marketing course with Jess and got so much more than marketing skills! She got me excited about my business again and gave me ideas on how to make the structure work better for me & my life! I actually feel like I've had a new lease on life!"
    Kim Thomas
    African Beat