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When I was young my grandfather used to play games with me in the car, he called it Trivial Pursuit. Which really meant he was asking observation questions, so I would keep my eyes peeled just in case he was about to ask a question. I still thank him to this day.

He created a love in me of taking in the big picture, while also seeing detail. Looking from point A across to point B and seeing what is the best or easiest way. This love, combined with my 'doing' nature and a passion for helping women succeed in business is what gets me motivated each and every day.

Being able to see WAAAAY outside the square and pinpoint things you’d been thinking about but couldn’t quite get clear is my superpower.

My driving force is the knowledge that we are connected; that each of us are here for a reason and to be the biggest version of ourselves and for a good portion of us; it’s in our own business – allowing that business to be its biggest to allow our unique messages to touch as many people as possible. This is the change we can make in the world.