My route as an adult has been circuitous.

A few false starts at uni (Stats II put an end to my alleged Banking and Finance career... twice), I finished Sports Management and worked in sales from day 1 of my 'adult' life. But I was a terrible employee. I got reprimanded for moonlighting at one company when I created an event at the venue and sold tickets to social clubs to raise money for my then (ballroom) dance partner and I to have more lessons/travel more. I didn't know what moonlighting was until then. It was a steep learning curve! They made me give all the money raised (about $20,000 from memory) away to my dance school and my enthusiasm at their workplace waned considerably.

I was bored and thus started a blog about shoes. It started to take off and I realised there was something in this 'digital marketing bizzo' and became a learning nerd. I devoured everything I could about social media marketing, direct marketing online, sales funnels - everything! I was poached by another company in Brisbane and stayed in Sales but continually tried (with not much success) to start my own business.

I was toying with Social Media Marketing when I went to Tony Robbins' UPW in 2014. I came back and quit (much to my boss' chagrin...) Since then I've not looked back and my business and skills have continued to evolve. Client Kiosk, my first business, was SMM for Financial Planners which grew quickly so I brought on staff but it didn't light up my soul. I sold it and kept only a small handful of clients who I loved working with.

One, in particular, was a lady who had a program to drink less alcohol. She was a former alcoholic and knew that apart from AA which meant total abstinence there was nothing for cutting back a little. It was fascinating and she allowed me full reign to figure out sales funnels/ copy writing / email marketing etc. In January 2017 we launched her product and made $50,000 net for the month. It is one of my proudest achievements. It's not the revenue that makes it's so special, but simply, how many people's lives we improved. I, FINALLY, found my jam.

Working with women who want to make positive change in the world.

Simple. But effective As women we tend to play small, as we're taught our value is in what we give, not in our gifts, talents, and knowledge. A report from the Australian Government in 2016 was the final nail in the coffin for me - women entrepreneurs earn the least of any category - including women who are employed. It's time for a change, and my desire to help women earn their worth was seeded.

I know if I do that, they, you, will make a positive impact in people's lives and thus create positive change in this world. And the best way you can do that is taking small action steps towards your goals; without overwhelm or fear.

Which brings me to being a do-er. An expert do-er in fact. I've come to realise how important taking action is and that's where I want to help businesswomen. Information is readily available, for the most part, you do not need to know more, to earn more. You do need to take action. Inspired action that leads you towards your goals. Helping you do that is what I'm here on this earth to do.
I was where you are. Overwhelm; not being sure of what to do next; being so busy there was no time to do more but not getting anywhere. Do you have the courage and faith to come with me on this journey which we’ll fill with sparkly love, gratitude, achievement, giving and fun? Being the change we are here to be on this earth?

When I'm not creating for business growth, or testing new strategies on my own business, you can find me travelling (2016 saw me in America for 6 weeks - heaven! 2017 has been about the Great Barrier Reef), spending time with my beautiful nephews and goddaughters or on the d-floor! If you follow me on instagram, you'll see all of these things in real life and full colour (plus filters of course!). 2018 travel goal - Aurora Borealis!

Let me be clear, I can be SUPER daggy at times and occasionally live up to my blonde hair. But I will always, ALWAYS turn up and play 100% with you. Otherwise, we can't be the change we're born to be!

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I am blessed to live on the Gold Coast, Australia and frequent the beach for meditation. I thank the powers that be every day for this opportunity! Care of technology (another blessing) I work with women worldwide. Now it's your turn, would we make a great team? Take a look! Click right..... here.