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You probably know that the strength of your business relies on the length of your list. And while you might have heard this and know it, it’s also a challenge to actually make it happen – I know, I’ve been there! It’s usually due to the fact that building a list costs money – LOTS of money. If you want quality people you have to pay good dollars to get them on your list. Given that list building is a long term project and when you’re starting out you need cash, well, yesterday – it often gets pushed to the bottom of the list… yesterday’s list… which is now in the bin. Dammit.


I am here to swan in and tell you that you can actually build a list AND make money at the same time (and give you this free step by step guide on how)… whaaaattt?? Yup! With a bit of tricky ninja stuff, which is not so tricky when you’re shown how to do it, you can offset the cost of your list building and even make a little bit of cash at the same time. Let me be real, it won’t be your income for life, you need to then work the list once you have it to upsell them into your amazing products, but it will turn one of your expenses into a revenue stream. Interested?


Before we jump into the nitty gritty, I just want to re-iterate why your list is so important – so you can espouse it at dinner parties to your employed friends – in super quick dot point format for easy skimming (’cause I”m nice like that):

  • Email marketing STILL out performs every single other online platform. Neil Patel says so – and he knows his sh*t – he’s the co-founder of KissMetrics, CrazyEgg and QuickSprout. He’s tested them all and email comes out on top – not just for conversions, but for the ability to continually sell to them with a while suite of products.
  • Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute makes an awesome point – ‘you can’t build anything on rented land’. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – any of the platforms that offer digital sales tools are brilliant – but you know that they change the playing field constantly! The algorithms change, they change the layout, they change how things show – everything changes. You don’t own it, so you can’t control it. You own your list. You can build you marketing platform on something stable and you choose when you want to change the lay of the land.
  • Of the companies I’ve researched, they still say that 80 – 90% of their revenue comes from their email list – SumoMe is included. Sumo Me’s founder Noah Kagan talks about human behaviour – what’s one of the first things you do in the morning. (I may, or may not… check my email from bed every morning… do you?) It makes sense to ‘fish where the fish are’ right? Don’t find human behaviour – use it!
  • The other thing you can do with email, which you can’t do on social media is connect with people and build a relationship. They’re not just mindlessly scrolling and double tapping, people on email are engaged. If you can cultivate a list where people know that what you’re going to say is interesting and relevant – you’ve hit digital utopia.

OK, that’s it. I’ll stop banging on about why it’s so important. Let us move on to how to build a list.


THE most important thing about building your list (after just having one) is that you have people who are GENUINELY interested in what you have to say AND you want to work with them in the long run. For instance with me, I LOVE working with women business owners, so I shall not be targeting male tradies for my list – pointless… perhaps it’s another list.. I digress. I will make sure that I go to the platforms my target market are on (which as a quick FYI, these days about 99% of target markets are on Facebook. If yours is not, reach out, I’ve love to chat about it as I find it fascinating!), I use words, imaging and content which speaks to them and I make it super easy for them to want to engage with me.


The most accepted form of building a list is still using an opt in page for your prospect to download something of value. Facebook have brought in lead ads which we trialled for a time but it was still cheaper for us to send them to an opt in page. I think people actually got a little weirded out that they didn’t actually enter the information, Facebook did it automatically, and you know how people get about their data! So, the pieces are:

  1. A paid Ad on a platform targeting your preferred customers
  2. An Opt In Page to sign up for a download
  3. Connected to an email responder that confirms their on the list and sends promised goodies.
  4. Voila!

I did some research to try and get you an average Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for email addresses but it’s so variable (I thought that might be the case) That I can’t. But you possibly know already from your own marketing. With my clients, I have some that average about $1 per email address and I have one client who averages $80 per email address. The reason the latter is so high, is that he knows, that 5 of these equals a sale, and a sale nets him $15,000 – he has the ability to pay much more if he needed to. So how much is too much, really depends on what your customer value is – but that’s getting a bit technical AND a bit off topic for this post!


Even at $1 per email address getting a good size list can cost upwards of $10,000 – ouch! So how can you negate this cost and perhaps even make money? May I introduce to you the ‘Instant Offer’. Instead of sending your new subscribers to a thank you page, send them to a one time only, buy it now or it’s gone, sales page. I can hear you from here – genius! Does it work – yup! Instead of paying money to have people on my list (and my clients) I get an ROI on advertising of about 150%. Yup. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Your Thank You Page is costing you money. BIG Money!


All you need to do is swap our your thank you page for a sales page and you’ve turned your acquisition expense, into acquisition revenue. It seems pretty simple right? It is! Go forth and prosper!


If you want it, I have the step by step guide on the pages you need for you to download (I know you know what I’m doing here), so click here to get it now, or click the picture below. I’ve also added in there a list of 40 VALUABLE offers you can use as an instant offer, so if you’re not sure what you can do – grab the step by step guide and the list!


OK, that’s all from me. Reach out and let me know how you go!



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