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September 5, 2017
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October 19, 2017
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I keep one foot firmly planted in the spiritual world and the other in the pragmatic world. Woowoo AND data, so to speak. And so, when I look for assistance to be the biggest version of myself, I rely on two groups: coaches and angels.

If you wanted to be better at soccer or singing; you wouldn’t hesitate to get a coach, someone who’d been there before, so you could benefit from their experience and sharpen your learning curve. Business, spirituality, relationships, life: it’s exactly the same. Why make any of these things harder than they are? I’ve had several coaches through my business life and if I’m honest, each time I started, I had to scrape the money together or put it on my credit card. I would do it again as each time it was returned in spades.

What I’ve recently begun to harness is the power of angels to assist day to day. After reading some of Lorna Byrne’s work, her suggestion to call on specific angels to help stuck with me, only this week I realised its true power.

On Tuesday, I was asked to say a poem at my aunt’s funeral. Speaking in front of a crowd is not terrifying to me, though it’s not a walk in the park. My main concern was speaking in front of my loved ones who were hurting deeply. For those who know human design, I have an open emotional center; that means I take on other people’s emotions and amplify them. Holy crap. I was anxious.

Driving to the funeral, Lorna’s words came to me and I called on ALL the ‘speaker’ angels who could assist. I spoke like I have never spoken before. It was clear to me, that it was not just me saying the poem clearly and directly to the assembled guests.

My tip for today is to get help in all its forms, to make this journey easier for yourself. Seek a coach who can help you get to the next stage with tools, knowledge and the experience you need AND ask for what you need daily. Be it angels, god or the universe you believe in, it will be delivered. 

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