How to craft an Instagram Post that Engages & Mistakes to Avoid!

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January 16, 2017
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March 12, 2017

With 400 million people on one platform, Instagram can no longer be ignored by business users for engagement and advertising. So many users mean there are incredible possibilities (and you know me – I love possibility!). It means you can reach millions of users within seconds. But as we all know, a coin has two sides. Remember Two Face from the Batman series? Where posting a nicely taken and carefully put photo can draw attention of thousands of people in a jiffy, a poor post (or ad) can cost you – mainly in wasted time and if advertising, money.

So what can you do to make your posts viral? Read on my love!

Tips and tricks for Instagram posts

As Instagram only lets you post photos and minimal text – it’s true here that a pictures says a 1,000 words. So what are you saying? Random posting can’t make you the gains that you want. In today’s world, people are seeing tons of photos on the internet everyday – scrolling through photos has become almost like a habit for them. If you want to turn that glance into a stare, you need to follow some general guidelines:

  • Make your photo visually attractive. Applying the ‘rule of thirds’ photography technique is handy in this regard. In the rule of thirds technique, two horizontal and two vertical lines are imagined on a photograph, making 3 rows, 3 columns and 9 sections altogether.
    • #framing tip – The points where the lines cross draw the eye the most, so use this as a framework (literally!) as you take your photos. People will stop and they won’t know why!
  • Crazy awesome photos and filters are always a winner. Hence, photo editing plays a very important role in an Instagram post.
    • #Editing Tip – You have the option to edit photos with Instagram app, but up your #instagame with Apps like WordSwag and Colour Burst (you’ll see what I mean as you start playing… seriously, wordswag changed my life).
  • Making a vague statement won’t help you on Instagram (and it’s just annoying right?), Grab others’ attention by being bold – you might polarise people, but the ones who like it will LOVE you and thus engage right through to purchasing.
  • Some people are seen to have put all the hashtags they could think of with their photos. While hashtags are important, irrelevant ones can ruin your desire. The trick is to post the logical ones, not the other way around.
    • #hashtag tip – to not annoy people with you hashtags, particularly if you’re sharing through to Facebook, post your photos then post all you hashtags in your comments section. Works just as well on instagram without being annoying. Yay!
    • #hashtag pro tip – if you want to keep engagement going, delete your comment after a few hour and repost your hashtags – you get a whole new set of people.
  • Talking to people is always a good and important thing to do. Whoever puts a comment on your photo or video, you have to respond to each of them. You’ve to answer their queries and thank them for being with you.
    • #commenting tip – the reason you want to do this is you’ve brought their attention back to you and your photo. So instead of just liking a single photo, you’re inspiring them to come back and look at your profile. If they like what they see – follower!

Top Instagram Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not Adding a Profile Photo
    • If you don’t have a profile photo, people think you’re either not real or your spammy mcspam spam. They will scroll past every time- so put up a profile picture right this second!
  • Not Optimising your Bio
    • There is only one place followers can click in your instagram life and that’s in your bio – so make sure you’re using it wisely! If you just have a link to your homepage (or worse, none at all) you’re losing any potential traffic you could gain from instagram. Use it to funnel potential followers into a sales campaign, or to lead magnets to opt in
  • Not Using Hashtags
    • Is like not using the Yellow Pages in the 90’s. If you don’t use hashtags, people can’t find you. So get tagging lady!
  • Posting images too close together
    • This is more from the spammy mcspam spam trade. If you post your images too close together, your followers will get either overwhelmed, bored or start to feel like you’re spamming them. Posting 2 or 3 times a day spread out is PLENTY on instagram. Quality over quantity (I only do once a day… find me @jegwynne)
  • Making your Instagram private
    • This may seem obvious, but I know a lot of ladies who are fearful of really being seen, so let’s check in. Are you ready to be a lady boss? If you are, it’s time to make your account private. Just always keep in mind what you’re posting is visible to the world – my rule of thumb is – if I don’t want my grandmother to see it, I won’t post it. (Even though I can’t see my nan on instagram!)

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