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February 25, 2016
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You do! I do! We all do. Feelings are our barometer to the climate in our lives. So why are we always so intent on numbing them? It’s like putting a jumper on a thermometer. If you tune into your feelings effectively, you can know within heartbeats if you’re on the right path, if you’ve acted authentically in line with your true self or if you are frustrated or are feeling just a little bit… funny.


Have you got that funny feeling? The one where it seems like there should be ‘more’ than what you’re doing right now, but you have no idea on how to make that change? Or perhaps, you feel (oh, there’s that word again!) a little bit guilty, because outwardly, you have everything ‘everyone’ ever dreams of? So have you been numbing it? Perhaps with a few drinks after work each night; shopping to excess (this was my favourite); unhealthy sex?


It’s time to listen. It’s time to realise that little feeling is trying to get your attention and tell you to make changes, so that you can feel fabulous, every day. All day, every day. It’s possible. How do you get there?


Step 1 – get SUPER clear on how you actually want to feel! Happy, successful, articulate, intelligent, sexy, fit, joy, serenity, hope, wealthy. The list goes on and on. Pick 3 – 5 that truly resonate with you and put them up somewhere you can see them.


Step 2 – check in with your feelings. Are you feeling your top 3 – 5? Yes – AWESOME! No? Why? What actions can you change to help you have the feelings you want more often and for longer periods of time.


Step 3 – Make changes. Easy to say, right? It I actually easy to do if you allow yourself to move past one particular feelings – fear. You can’t get rid of it, but you can feel it and you can do it anyway (as the saying goes). And it’s true. Right now, my biggest fear is not being able to consistently pay a full time staff member, even though a) I need one and b) I can afford one (just). But I’m doing it anyway, because it will allow my business to grow.


Here’s the thing with feelings. You can choose them in any situation. So in my situation right now, I can continue to feel scared and focus on the fear that comes with such a financial outlay or I can focus on that fact that 12 months ago, this job didn’t exist. I have created a job for someone to support their family. They can do that, because of me. That makes me pretty freaking proud. That’s a MUCH better feeling and I choose it.


With this knowledge comes massive power. Know the feelings you want, feel them as much as often and when you don’t, change your focus to change your feeling. Like everything, this will snowball into an abundance of good feelings for you. (Don’t forget to practice gratitude for your good feelings always to keep bringing more in!)


So who needs feelings? We do. And we’re going to make them amazing!

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