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December 3, 2017
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January 28, 2018
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People are driven by two things: escaping pain and moving toward pleasure and the former is more powerful. Tony Robbins talks about this a lot and it’s true. Entire marketing strategies (entire industries even!) the world over are built on this and are successful:


  • Wear this perfume and you’ll be sexier
  • Wear this mascara and you’ll be prettier
  • Drive this car and you’ll be loved by everyone
  • Buy this course and you won’t be left behind
  • If you don’t buy this course you’re going to die a painful death

Alright, not quite the last one, but you get my drift. And you’ve seen this everywhere right. Perhaps even the words ‘marketing’ and ‘sales’ give you little shivers down your spine, because of how we have all been trained to use fear. Marketing and Sales are necessary for you to grow your business and thus share your passion with more people to make the positive change you want to see in the world. So can we buck the trend and use Heart Centred – you are enough as you are, you are not broken, you will not have 7 years bad luck if you don’t work with me – Marketing? I say, yes. And I continue to practice this every day (and I say practice because it is definitely a work in progress to change my conditioned beliefs after 20 years in sales and marketing!) with positive results.


We are powered by 7 Spiritual Laws of Success (also known as the Universal Laws or the Laws of Nature) and they are this (in a nutshell):

1. The Law of Pure Potentiality: We can create any reality we choose.

2. The Law of Giving: What you give (in love) you receive back in multiples (every damn time… FYI this note was me… not Deepak Chopra)

3. The Law of Karma: In any moment we have a choice and we can make an expansive choice (for all parties) or a contracting choice (for all parties) – what you choose will create what you receive.

4. The Law of Least Effort: Acceptance, responsibility, and defencelessness. Accept everything as it is: perfect. Take ownership of all that is happening. Do not defend your actions as there is nothing to defend. You will be amazed by how much brain power this frees up.

5. The Law of Intention and Desire: Hold an intention (or an outcome) of what you wish to achieve or create. See it. Feel It. Know it…. and then…

6. The Law of Detachment: Let it go. Let go of pushing / trying / doing to create the intention or the outcome. Let the Universe, God, Source – whatever you resonate with, work for you. Becuase He, She, It has your back.

7. The Law of Dharma: We all have a purpose, a special gift to share here. Focus first on serving a purpose and in it, you will find your purpose. You cannot NOT be successful (I know double negatives are not supposed to be a thing.. but it is here) when you do this. It is how you are created to be.


You can use these laws to market from the heart and create more abundance than you ever thought possible. We are waking up. And we are realizing that we no longer need to live in fear and thus don’t need to fight for clients; or ‘win’ over someone else. There are enough clients, there is enough money, there is enough time.


Share your best content & ideas; help others because it truly means helping yourself. Do not fear where the next payment is coming from, it will show up (trust me…I have had to live this to know this so you don’t have to!).


So how do you practically implement this (because I know everything is good in theory!).

  1. In every piece of content you write (think web copy, social posts, blogs, Live videos etc) be empowering to your potential client. I’m going to call it a message from here on in, to be inclusive of all types of content.
  2. In every interaction you have with another person, come from a place of love rather than fear.
  3. Give value up front. If your message, opt-in, FB Live, Instagram doesn’t give value, you won’t be able to receive value in return.
  4. Make sure your message helps you serve your purpose – that it’s aligned with what you do and what you believe.
  5. Share your message in front of your ideal client (no use putting it in a group that contains males if it’s for females! That one’s a bit obvious I know, but for illustration purposes, it works!)
  6. Share your message in as many places as possible (as long as it coincides with point 5) – can you repurpose a blog post for Facebook, or Instagram. Can you send it to your list etc.
  7. Ensure your message includes at least one of your ‘key’ messages. A key message is something a potential client must know about you, to buy from you when they’re ready.
  8. Prior to pushing send, or going live, set an intention or an outcome for the message. eg. I am going to reach 1,000 women with this message and impact them positively.
  9. Then push send and let it go! You cannot control the outcome of any message or post. You can’t MAKE something go viral. You can simply let it be and let the Universe / God do its work.


Now it’s time for you to practice. To make it easy, I’ve made a little checklist for you to keep handy 🙂 Get it here:

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