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February 2, 2018
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March 20, 2018
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As promised, I am going through each of the Human Design Types (Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, Generators, Projectors & Reflectors) to give you practical tips on how to market your business using your type and strategy to create abundance and flow.


This week it’s the turn of the beautiful Projector Souls. The Projectors are here to support the Generators and Manifesting Generators (who in turn support Projectors – it’s a beautiful cycle!) by sharing their amazing knowledge and intellect when invited to do so (more on that in a moment!) to manage and direct them. The most important thing to do, I feel, is to play with all of these things that I talk about – because that’s how I’ve been able to find what works for me, and for my clients within their types. Sadly, I haven’t found us all our silver bullet, but I have certainly found the ways for us to stop ‘hustling’ or pushing all day long. It turns out – it doesn’t have to be so hard. Let’s jump in!


Projectors are designed ‘to be invited’ – and every time I’ve said that to a Projector client she freaked out – so I hear you! I’m going to show you how you can create all the invitations you need (and probably more – that’s where your authority comes in!).


As a Projector you have a less sustainable energy drive than some of the other types, so first and foremost, in the running and marketing of your business, make sure you look after you. Take care of yourself and your body, so you can perform at your best when you do have the energy to do so. It’s for this reason, that responding to invitations is vital, so you can conserve your energy for the things that are most aligned to you and light you up to live in abundance and flow – the good stuff!


So how does one receive an invitation? Well, my gorgeous soul, to receive an invitation, you must first be recognised. The shortest answer to how to be recognised is – do what lights you up! When you’re in a flow of Joy and Abundance, you’ll be giving out an energy that naturally attracts people to you, who then recognise you and invite you to tell them more about you and what you do.


Sounds like a good marketing strategy right – just sleep and play – done! The end.


Ok, I won’t stop there, I know you want more than that. Hang out in the places (either online or offline) where your ideal client is as much as your energy allows. When you’re there, be it a Facebook Group, on Instagram, LinkedIn or your local cafe, do and share what you’re passionate about. So why did you get into your business in the first place; what do you LOVE about what you do; what do you do outside of your business that lights you up? Sharing these things will allow your people to recognise you, for who you are and then ASK you to tell them more – aka invite you!


Once you have been invited in this manner, you’re free then to interact back and forth and not have to wait for more invitations at every turn. Does that make sense? So you don’t have to be passive in the conversation waiting to be asked questions, however, you do need to be mindful, like all types, of not pushing your products onto someone before their ready – that’s just Sales 101 right?


In the beginning, you could feel ignored. This is where your theme of bitterness can creep in. Keep the faith, stay in your passion, stay in your joy and beautiful Projector the invitations will come.


So I feel to step in here on a side note for you around business strategy. You’re not designed to ‘do’ the work. You’re designed to ‘direct’ the work – almost like the traffic cop of workflow. So when setting up your business, look at how you can create systems and teams that will be able to DO the work for you, while you create the relationships and live in flow. This is where the Gens/MGens then support the Projectors! (Circle of life starts playing in the background)


Back to it then – how do you practically share your passions in an online environment for example.

  • Facebook Lives (Where you can go live in several places at once and thus conserve your energy) talking about an area of your expertise that you love.
  • Short Videos (can be made in batches) that you can share across multiple platforms and re-purpose if they’re evergreen content sharing helpful content for your target market.
  • Blog Posts – again sharing your expertise and passion, that can be shared across multiple platforms.

Can you see the theme here about being able to do something once and share it in many places and thus conserving your energy? In the beginning, I’d advise against telling people what they ‘should’ be doing – even though you can see it plain as day – and they have no clue. If you do this before you’re recognised, it won’t be received well energetically. However, once people DO recognise you, your advice will be lapped up. It’s here that you then need to have a strategy to bring people into paid products, as it then becomes VERY easy for you as a Projector to continue to give your information away for free.


Look for when people are asking you for more. This is an invitation for you to sell a product. If you’re still in the product creation stage, ask them what they want. If it feels good and you use your authority (so for example, if you’re an emotional authority, you may need to ask them to wait 3 days for you to come back to them, which is OK – you will not lose them in that time as you’re entering this energetically correctly) to determine so, then create the offer for them AND others. If one person has invited you to create something, then you have entered that offer correctly for your type and you’ll find it also attracts others to the offer.


If they’ve asked for more and you already have your products created, then it’s really about matching the right product to their needs. Like all energy types, it’s wise to check in with your authority before taking on a new client to make sure it feels good for you.


So what does that mean for something like a promo day in a group? Does that mean you have to sit back and wait for someone to invite you to post? No! Absolutely post away. In the beginning, it may feel like you’re not getting any response prior to recognition. If you are new to a group, I’d recommend sharing the type of content mentioned above on promo days as an introduction to who you are and what you do. When writing your posts, keep your target market in mind. They’re always wondering – why is this important to me? – so having posts that show your skills and passions through their lens is great messaging. This is true for any type, but even more important for Projectors. Consider the 80/20 rule when writing – 80% you, 20% me! When someone recognises you through this medium, they will ask/invite you to tell them more. As time goes by and more and more people recognise you, straight up offers will resonate more because they know you (classic know, like, trust – this is so important for you).


When you’re posting, reflect your own language back to your audience. So ‘invite’ people to watch your latest video, read your latest blog etc. Or invite them to attend your workshop or view your packages.


Now let’s talk ‘normal’ marketing practices and how they work for you.

  • Does having a list work for you? A list is a powerhouse tool for you. As people recognise you and your gifts, inviting them onto your list will enable you to speak directly to people who recognise you for who you are and thus are open to your offers.
  • Do Facebook Lives work? Totally! These are BRILLIANT ways for you to share your passion in multiple places at once, thus energy conserving.
  • Do Webinars Work? A cold list webinar (where you’re trying to get people straight from not knowing anything about you onto signing up) might be challenging for you. The numbers you have in the beginning will be smaller. However, inviting people who already recognise you (so in groups where you’re well known, or from your list, or a speaking engagement etc), it’s likely to go gangbusters and you’ll have larger numbers. When it comes to the selling part, invite people to stay online to listen to your offer and ask if they’d like to know more. When you get a yes,  dive on in. A little note, in the beginning, if the numbers are small, don’t be put off by non-response – it happens to everyone. Imagine they’re sitting on the other side of the computer nodding. It might feel icky at first – I get it – but as your recognition grows, so too will your webinars and your sales.
  • Do Facebook Ads Work? I’d love for you to play with a small budget on Facebook to share your passion pieces. So the content we talked about before, look at boosting those to your ideal audience to grow your reach and your recognition. You can then look at re-targeting those people who watched your videos for say 50%+ with an offer to bring them onto your list. Have a play – I’d love to hear how this goes for you!


If you have any questions about any other platform I haven’t mentioned here, or would love for me to clarify – then let me know – as I’m happy to answer them for you (I work best when responding to questions ;))


My dear Projector, when looking at your marketing system, look at all the ways you can leverage yourself and your time. How can you use one piece of content creatively in 3 different places for example? Keep yourself to a maximum of 2 pillars in your marketing system at any given time (and very limited number of groups!) and sooner rather than later, bring someone on who can manage the system for you, so you can use your energy on the important stuff – like sharing your passion!


In a nutshell: Share your passion, wait (patiently my love) for an invitation and then start your conversation. Recognition is a ripple – it will start small and then grow and grow and grow, so too will your invitations and then your clients. Soon, you’ll wonder, how can I handle this all?? Use your authority to then choose the invitations that feel amazing to you and you’ll wonder if life could really be this easy? (Yes. The answer is yes!)

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