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January 28, 2018
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February 9, 2018
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As promised last week, over the next few weeks, I intend to go through each of the Human Design Types (Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, Generators, Projectors & Reflectors) and give you practical tips on how to market your business using your type and strategy to create abundance and flow.


Last week, I started with Manifesting Generators and today we’ll talk about their cousins – Generators. Because the strategy between these two is so similar, you’ll find a few similarities between the two, but today we’ll focus on what makes the amazingly powerful Generators so fabulous! The most important thing to do, I feel, is to play with all of these things that I talk about – because that’s how I’ve been able to find what works for me, and for my clients within their types. Sadly, I haven’t found us all our silver bullet, but I have certainly found the ways for us to stop ‘hustling’ or pushing all day long. It turns out – it doesn’t have to be so hard. Let’s jump in!


Like Manifesting Generators, Generators are designed ‘to respond’ – this is by far the thing I struggled with most and what I get asked by most people – what the hell does that mean??? Let’s break it down.


When you get an idea, instead of running forth with it – be it an idea about a product, a marketing strategy, a business idea, dating even – anything! – flesh it out a little and visualise what you want it to look like and then… let it go (Frozen style!). Put your attention elsewhere, like on your to-do list for the day, household jobs, or a movie! (Focussing your attention elsewhere does not mean researching the crap out of it… I feel compelled to say that out loud…. type that out loud). If you’re prone to forgetting (aka you have an open head centre like Moi) pop them in a note somewhere, like Evernote, so you can look back every now and then.


Over the new few days, pay attention to what’s showing up in your reality. Things like song lyrics, newspaper headlines, a conversation you’re having (and not intiating), or overhearing snippets of someone else’s, something on Facebook, if your idea pops up you can then respond to the external stimulation by deciding if you want to go ahead or not. Use your authority to make this decision in alignment with you. If it’s a yes, you’re ready to roll!


I’m trusting ‘responding’ now makes sense to you. If it doesn’t, comment below and we can chat further about it. Starting to work fully with this strategy takes practice because we’ve been trained to do do do do do – not wait and see if this is right for you. Go with it Gorgeous, you’ll get the hang of it and then wonder why no one ever told you this before!


As a Generator, creating your marketing strategy around responding, will give you the easiest and flowiest (that’s a word) success. Facebook Groups at the moment are the No.1 way Generators (and MGens) can successfully use their strategy and create growth in their business. They’re designed for us to be able to respond!

  • You can respond to the theme days each day
  • You can respond to people’s calls for help
  • You can respond to people asking you about what you do.

All day… every day!


Share your passion openly in these groups – give value freely and show people how much you adore what it is you do. This will stimulate conversations and give you an opportunity to respond. It does come with a word of warning though, there is pushing when answering someone’s question and there is responding. I shared this example last week and it’s the same again here:


Sally has written: I’m in a bit of a bother, I’m feeling a little flat at the moment and want some guidance – do you have a favourite way to get your mojo back?

Response 1: Hey Sally, oh I hear you! My favourite thing to do is Reiki, I’m a healer and do it on myself. You could try … give helpful hint here.

Response 2: Hey Sally, oh I hear you! My favourite thing to do is Reiki, I’m a healer and I recommend you book in for a session – you can find my link here.


I know you can see the difference. In fact, I know you can FEEL the difference.  In this instance, you’ve been invited to respond to a call for help, not a call for a sale. Some people, will straight up ask for information on where they can buy and response 2 is great! However, when someone is asking for help, start with something in the vein of response 1. It opens the conversation for you to then further down the line offer to book in for a session. Give it a try this week and let me know how it goes. Also keep your eyes peeled, now that you understand the difference of how other people are responding in this situation. You’ll gain insight really quickly on what feels good and what doesn’t.


So that’s easy when someone else is posting, but how do you do it when you’re posting – particularly on a promo day? The easiest way to think about how, is to remember that you are a reflection of your world (and vice versa) – so what is best for you? As a sacral decision maker I respond best to yes, or no questions – so for me, starting a post with  – Are you worried about X? Or other closed questions in line with my offering is hands down the most successful way for me to start a conversation. After that, I give the audience something to respond to. I trust that makes sense!


For those who have an emotional authority, ask people how they feel in the beginning – How do you feel about X? And if you want to be a SUPER powerhouse – do both! Start with the one that’s right for you and add the other one in, down in your post somewhere. The more possibility you give in your post for people to respond to (67% of the population are a generator type who are designed to respond!), the more opportunity you give yourself to start conversations.


I can hear you – ‘so Jess, does that mean I can’t sell ever?’ Nope! On those days where you’re responding to a theme day – you absolutely can! That’s your opportunity to reap the rewards of the information you’ve been sharing beautifully and openly! You can also add little notes to your emails, or your FB lives etc – just small ‘find out more’ type notes that allow your audience to respond to you after you give lots of value – this is more a law of success principle than strictly HD.


Now let’s talk ‘normal’ marketing practices and how they work for you.

  • Does having a list work for you? Yes! If you create your list by giving awesome value and keep giving awesome value to them, you will create opportunities for you to respond to.
  • Do Facebook Lives work? Totally! These are BRILLIANT ways for you to share your gifts openly with the world (and is also great for your FB algorithm!). It will create opportunities for you to respond to as well.
  • Do Webinars Work? Yup! Again, if they’re you sharing your brilliance, it’s same same as the above. What doesn’t work in Webinars is the ‘standard’ format you will get taught by most webinar teachers. It doesn’t work for you to create them solely as a selling tool. Think of it as a connection to your audience and sharing your value. Yes, you can put an offer up at the end, however, ask who would like to take it further and learn more and then ask again for permission to show the offer.
  • Do Facebook Ads Work? Look at your strategy for FB Ads. It is unlikely cold selling will work for you (unless you have a 5 in your profile number – I’d love to hear your experience on this as I have a suggestion that it ‘could’ work for you). Driving traffic to the places where you’re sharing your best stuff (or sharing your best stuff in the ad) is a great way for you to build your audience and start conversations / create responding opportunities. (I have learned this the hard way and it’s a completely brand spanking new realisation for me. I will continue to refine the correct way for MGens (and most likely Generators & Projectors!) to use FB Ads and will give you information as it comes to light.)


Can you see the theme here? If you have any questions about any other platform I haven’t mentioned here, or would love for me to clarify – then let me know – as I’m happy to answer them for you (I work best when responding to questions ;))


One last word of advice for Generators and Marketing (well, anything really!): try keep yourself to a maximum of 2 or 3 pillars in your marketing system at any given time. As a Generator, you are an absolute powerhouse at getting work done. You’re designed to focus and go and go and go (so on and so forth). This means, you’re not designed to do 50 things at once (like MGens), you’re at your optimum when you have one main focus. So consider this when you’re building your marketing strategy. So of the things, I’ve mentioned above, think about having two (or three!) channels that bring people into your business at any given time and instead of trying to have 30 Facebook Groups on the go, narrow it right down and focus on 2 or 3 really beneficial ones for you.


In a nutshell: Share your passion – respond to queries (from the heart) and you’ll see sales coming in and you will wonder – where did that come from? Sort of like magic, because you’re creating abundance and flow in your life.

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