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March 20, 2018
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As promised, I am going through each of the Human Design Types (Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, Generators, Projectors & Reflectors) to give you practical tips on how to market your business using your type and strategy to create abundance and flow.


This week it’s the turn of the powerfully creative Manifestors. These are the souls who are on this planet to get the ball rolling and bring to creation the plethora of ideas they have. And as a Manifesting Generator, this is the one I used to want to be (and most of my Gen & MGen friends), because throughout our lives we’ve all been told  – just do it. This 7% of the population are the only ones who that actually applies to.


Manifestors are designed to inform. Sounds simple enough, however, this can be tricky for Manifestors as they’ve usually been conditioned over the years that if they do inform, they’ll either be told what to do OR be told not to do that thing. They also imagine and create so quickly that they don’t even think about informing. Taking the time to inform will be a game changer for any Manifestor. It will open up a superhighway for them on their path to creating.


Manifestors, while being incredibly powerful, don’t have sustainable energy like the Generators and Manifesting Generators. So while they’re in creation mode they are craaazy fast and energised, when that energy wanes, it’s imperative that they listen to their body (which is usually quite subtle). Because it may feel like the energy is waning, they could be feeling like the idea or business itself is waning, but this is not necessarily so. It’s important for a Manifestor to have the support of a worker bee to get the work done when they need to rest.


So let’s look at informing in marketing – what does that look like. Put simply, tell your people what’s going on. As you’re coming up with ideas, bringing them to fruitio or resting – let your followers, fans (and your family!) know. When you do this you open doors of opportunity and your people will be ready when the product is launched to jump on in. Behind the scenes, face to camera live updates and day to day ‘this is what I’m doing’ emails are perfect for Manifestors.


Having a system or a schedule for your posting is also great for your ‘low energy’ times. Instead of disappearing off the face of the internet, try having your worker bees create the updates and posts, so you can concentrate on resting and your people still know what’s going on.


When you’re writing posts for promo days, imagine you’re speaking to your ideal client and talking directly to them. Inform them of the outcomes your product/service will give them, as a yes/no question to turn on the sacral of the majority of your ideal audience and then ask a feeling question to capture the emotional authority people.


Now let’s talk ‘normal’ marketing practices and how they work for you.

  • Does having a list work for you? Absolutely! It’s your direct connection to people who want to know what you’re up to. So keep informing as you go.
  • Do Facebook Lives work? Yes! Give live updates when you’re working on projects, creating new fabulous things or having your downtime.
  • Do Webinars Work? They sure do! As a Manifestor with the ‘just do it’ principle you can essentially use any marketing strategy that feels good for you. So if this feels good, then do it.
  • Do Facebook Ads Work? Same as above. If the strategy feels good, this can allow you to inform on a bigger level. Share some of your informing updates to your ideal audience and encourage them to follow you or sign up for something valuable, to bring them onto your list.


If you have any questions about any other platform I haven’t mentioned here, or would love for me to clarify – then let me know – as I’m happy to answer them for you (I work best when responding to questions ;))


Powerhouse Manifestor – ultimately, the biggest thing you can do, is just do it. Because you have so many ideas you could feel stuck or unsure of what the correct way forward is. Inform and take a few baby steps, you’ll know very quickly if it is right for you or not. If it feels good, keep going. If not, move on to the next thing. It’s OK to move on.


In a nutshell: Think your beautiful creative thoughts, if it feels good, have a little try to see if it continues to feel good, if it’s a yes – inform and watch the magnificence unfold. And then, rest. When your body says rest, please do – hand your work off to some supportive Generators or Manifesting Generators.

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