Are you ready to Earn Your Worth Gorgeous Lady?

Are you ready to have the business you've always dreamed you'd have, without the overwhelm, huge to-do list and all that pushing?

Are you ready for complete clarity in who you serve, how you serve them and how to attract them to you?

I invite you: Read on, Sister!

As a VIP Possibility Partner you work 1:1 with me to envision the biggest possibility for your business and then go about systematically creating it with systems: marketing, sales and back-office - so that you can enjoy your life as well as your business!

Did you know we're not all designed to do business the same? You'll know this intimately if you've tried following someone else's business strategy/ system / plan only to find it difficult to implement and frustrating in the results. Sound familiar? The first step for us is to work out how you are designed to interact with the world and do business and then build the strategy that's aligned with you.

Here's how I can assist you in our time together:

  • Determine how you're designed to do business and look at what is aligned with you in your business and what is not.
  • Create a picture of your biggest business possibility that feels amazing to you.
  • Map the gap between where you are now and where you want to go.
  • Get SUPER clear on who your 'best friend, give me 20 of them, light up your world' clients are; and create tangible target audiences that you feel comfortable marketing to.
  • Structure your offerings for maximum success (and happiness!)
  • Create your messaging so that your Ideal clients will listen to you (and fall in love!).
  • Create a simple sales funnel strategy that attracts your ideal clients like bees to flowers; including opt-ins, mini purchases and your high-end packages.
  • Implement your sexy new marketing strategy including how to do the nitty-gritty (and how to then outsource it effectively!) like building a mailing list; warming them up to trusting you; inspiring them to buy and a simple purchase process so you don't lose anyone at 'checkout'.
  • Practical(ly) Magic Marketing: we'll look at Facebook Group Marketing, Facebook Ads and Instagram and how they can be used effectively in your business (and ONLY focus on the ones you love - no forced social interaction here!) We'll also set up your Facebook Pixel, so you're capturing as much data as possible.
  • Create systems in your business so you can sell out your packages and still have time to spend with your loved ones and travel (if that's your jam!)
  • Each fortnight we'll create specific, easy-to-implement tasks, so you stay on track and out of overwhelm and you walk consistently towards your big goals.
  • Along the way, we'll work through any mindset niggles as they come up, so you can earn your worth and share your passion far and wide so you can make positive change in this world!

What does this really mean for you?:

You will shift into a woman who knows what she is worth and be empowered to receive it.
You will have the strategies and tools to identify who your perfect client is and attract her to you with ease.
You will transform your business into a creation machine: creating an abundance of clients; time, money and most importantly joy!
You will systemise your business so it does not rely on your time to grow.

"Working with Jess on mapping out who my ideal client was and really nailing my Zone of Genius in language my clients could understand was... well, kind of astounding. She is so gifted at this it blew my mind. As a teacher she is patient, gentle and deeply insightful. She'll get serious about her work and you can see how much she cares, and then she'll crack some unexpected joke and you'll remember there is an awesomely funny woman under that serious business person. I feel spoilt to have worked with her."

- Caroline S, Caroline, Sydney

Over 6 Months, you will receive:

1 x Kickstart Strategy Session to Create the Big Picture (90 minutes) via Zoom.
Human Design Mini-Consult to work out your Strategy to Create Abundance (via Email)
12 x Fortnightly Strategy & Accountability Sessions (45 minutes each) via Zoom.
Membership to Taking Inspired Action for Daily Accountability.
Unlimited Email Support in between sessions.
2 books that I determine will propel you to a new level during our time together.
Access to all of my video trainings as required (no overwhelm here!).


Payment Options:

$6,600 Paid in Full
or choose 13 Fortnightly Payments of $527;
or 6 Monthly Payments of $1,127

3 Month Option Available (Reduced to 6 Fortnightly Sessions) - $3,450