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September 28, 2017
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November 23, 2017
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For the past few weeks, I’ve been mulling a theory over in my head – slow it down to speed it up. Essentially, stop being so ‘busy’ and things, aka the business, will move forward when you give it space to.

It was born from a conversation with my coach and then from getting a deeper understanding of the spiritual laws of success (more on that in coming weeks!). But what are you supposed to do with this extra time?

I have found for so long, when I have extra time, I watch movies or binge watch Netflix series (hello Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – my latest love!) – I thought that’s what gave me joy. It certainly allowed me to relax, and it was interesting; that’s it right?

Ahhh, no. Sorry, Jess – you got it wrong.

Bugger. I do that so often!

It isn’t stimulating. It doesn’t bring me joy. Instead of big smiles and laughing out loud – it’s more of a ‘harrumph and the thought of oh, that’s funny’. So where is this laughter?

I find it with my friends and my family – so much. But I never thought I could find it on my own.

Enter the bike I bought for Christmas and was still sitting unused in the garage.

I bought it because I thought it would be fun. But then my ego got in the way, “Helmets are dorky (but I’m too safety/legal conscious to not wear one). It’s not cool to ride on your own. Where would I go? What’s the point?” Hello, 15-year-old Jess. Thanks for stopping by.

Have you read Mel Robbins, 5-second rule? If you haven’t, so you don’t have to, her entire premise is that when you have inspiration, you have to act on it immediately, or your ego takes over and stops you. So, when inspiration strikes, count backwards from 5 and say Go. On Go – move your body physically. You’re on your way. Your body is in motion and your ego doesn’t kick in because you’re already moving.

So I did it. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Go. And I got up from the computer. I was putting a jumper on, I was putting my shoes on and I was out the door.

I got on the bike and realised that its tyres were flat, so up to the servo to do some maintenance and then what? I decided to just ride down my street. I started on the footpaths because: co-ordination. I stopped and got off to cross roads because: co-ordination. People were overtaking me on their bikes because: mine was a $99 Aldi one (but it looks great!).

And I thought it was hilarious.

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

And then I got confident, so I rode on the road like an adult.

In no time at all, I realised I was in the front of a friend’s house, so I did what is unheard of in this day and age. I popped in. It just so happened her kids were being picked up by their Dad that afternoon, so she had an hour to herself so we could talk in peace and quiet.

Did my business jolt forward in this hour of slowing down? Nope. Not yet. This is a practice, and I will keep doing it. Slowing down, using the time to focus on activities that bring me joy. I’ll report back.

My next challenge is lap swimming. I used to love it – but hair! 😉

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