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November 27, 2017
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January 19, 2018
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Human Design… in the scheme of scientific systems, it’s relatively new. It was brought into the world by Ra Uru Hu in 1989. There are PLENTY of articles about what the system is and you can find some basics here:

For me, discovering Human Design and understanding my own chart (here for your sticky beaking reference) made me understand myself more than I ever have before and stopped the comparison of how I do things versus how I’ve been told I ‘should’ do things. Particularly, for me, I’m a sacral decision maker – I make decisions in less than a second. I buy a car on a whim, I purchase a TV 3 seconds after seeing it. Can you imagine what my Mum says to me when I do these things? It completely freaks her out, but it’s the way I’m designed and now that I get it – I block out any naysayers (even though I love them).

Between that and knowing that I’m designed to do 15 things at once (all the Manifesting Generators, put your hands up!) it was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and it’s ok for me to live my life, the way that feels good for me. Talk about relief!

2017 has been a year of growth for me… crazy growth. Like I can’t believe that April was only 8 months ago; I’ve lived about 3 lifetimes since then. April was when my business fell apart. And by fall apart, I mean, explode into a million pieces in a fireball that could’ve been seen from the moon. (Ok, I could be exaggerating, but it felt like that at the time) I lost 95% of my income and I had no direction as to what I really wanted to do. The low point, which I can laugh at now, was being curled up in a ball on my bedroom floor, bawling my eyes out… in the nude. The thing I knew for certain is that I didn’t want to get a job. Not because I saw it as failure, but because in my soul, I knew that wasn’t for me. As an aside, the nude part wasn’t by design, it just so happened I’d just gotten out of the shower when it all hit me.

Since then, I’ve been working on myself and my business to figure out how I can best serve while I’m here on this Earth, what is it, that I’m here for? There have been a few false starts: events that didn’t quite take off (though those who attended got massive value, I kind of paid $3,000 to have each person there); an online society that I never felt totally aligned with and some gigs on upwork to get myself through. It turns out when I stopped pushing and lived by my Human Design, everything fell into place.

Early November, (again, really only 4 weeks ago???) an idea was brought into my reality (as opposed to me just coming up with it) – people need help with doing. There is so much information in this world, so much so, it’s overwhelming – and when it’s overwhelming, nothing gets done. Huh. Interesting. Looking at my chart above, you can see I have a defined Will Center (the little triangle slightly off to the right in the middle of the chart) – this means I get shit done. (It doesn’t mean I have easy willpower against chocolate and the like. Damn.) I am part of the 30% of the population who are designed like this. So what about the majority – the other 70%?

For those with an undefined or open Will Center, they find it hard to actually DO the work. They’re excited and they’re motivated but getting stuff done… sheesh! All is not lost though! If this is you, all you need is accountability! And the best accountability comes from someone with a defined center as they can then feed off that energy. Aka… use the other person’s energy… in the nicest possible way of course. Good news – you amplify their energy, not steal it, so it’s literally how we’re all designed to work together.

Hilariously, I didn’t realise this even when I started the group, Taking Inspired Action. The Ladies have been in there for a few weeks now and they’re kicking huge goals. Bigger goals than my wildest dreams. I LOVE hearing it and watching them grow. It only occurred to me on Friday, when my beautiful friend who doesn’t have a defined Will Center asked to join and I put two and two together (it makes 4). The penny dropped and I realised how I am literally designed to do this work.

I am here to help women grow their businesses and earn their worth. I’ve known that for a while, the HOW part was the bit I was struggling with. Yes, I can answer your marketing questions. Yes, I can help you put business strategies in place. Yes, I can help you create all of your digital marketing. But what am I really good at? Helping you get shit done, so you can have the business you have always dreamed you’d have. That is what makes my heart sing.

Get your free chart above and see how you’re designed to get stuff done. Comment below your type, I’d love to know!

For quite some time now, I’ve struggled to answer the question: what do you do? It usually begets silence, an awkward pause and a little laugh. ‘Ummm… how much time have you got?’ Now I have the answer, I’m an Accountability Mentor and Strategist (Boom!) aka I help women in business get shit done. If you’d like to learn more about Taking Inspired Action, you can check it out here. 50% 





  1. Christina says:

    I got generator. I now need to look into all this to understand it!

    • jessicagwynne says:

      Respond, respond, respond… is the best advice I can give you. As an MGen, I have to do this too. It takes a little practice, but once you do, like becomes so in flow!

  2. KosmicKolibri says:

    I am also a GENERATOR but I still dont understand what u mean by RESPOND?!

    • jessicagwynne says:

      Hey gorgeous! That was one of the things that took me quite some time to get my head around. I’m about to write a post now to help you with that <3

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