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14796256_10157660049910253_1629012403_oI was super excited two nights ago when from pretty much nowhere, I re-branded my site and it felt 1,000% right. (It’s pretty and sparkly!!) After speaking with Supercoach I just knew it was time to start sharing everything I have learned and go back to what I love – talking to people one on one. Easy! What wasn’t easy was the question: “so, are you a business coach or a life coach?” Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (Literally, that was my text response!)


Neither of those labels sit right with me. Life coach brings up too many images of wishy washy ideas and inspirational slogans and business coach seems to limited. Possibility, even if it grows in business spills over into so many other areas of life. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Why must there be a label? Can’t I just bring about possibility in other people?


Yes. I can. I can work with each person on their level and inspire their possibility where they need it most. Do I have vast experience in creating successful businesses? Yes. Do I have vast experience creating a successful life? Yes. Does it need to be labeled? Can I get a ‘ hell, no!’. Why do we feel like we need to be able to label everything?


I recently got some business cards done and it’s literally my name, email and phone number. I can’t put what I do on a card half the size of my palm, so why even try? (They then also double brilliantly as dating cards – genius!) Are you trying to squish yourself onto a tiny card with a label that just doesn’t feel right? Then stop. Reframe your answer to – “so, what do you do?” to something that makes you feel good, that makes you smile inside when you say it out loud. I’m not going to lie – that’s not a 5 second change, it may take a while to work out what that is. But when you stumble upon it, it will feel amazing.


I’d love to hear your new answer (maybe with your old one too!) – so share it with everyone.


Much love,

Jess xo

Digital Marketer | Chief Systems Officer | CEO | Director | Life Coach | Business Coach

Inspiring Possibility 😀

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