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March 12, 2017
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Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to do one thing, like say getting up early, or eat a plant based diet or not eat unhealthy foods but then something else is really hard – like maybe going to the gym regularly, sitting down to meditate or giving up sugar (that’s me right there!)? I know many people think some of the easy things I mentioned are hard and vice versa – but for every single one of us we’re driven by one very powerful question – why?


Why is it SO important to you to: eat plant based food; get up early etc etc? When the why is so powerful that you don’t need willpower, you’re on to it – you’ve found the deepest thing that’s driving you. It could be your kids, it could be your partner, it could be to help as many people in a particular demographic as you can – whatever it is, it’s important to you. Other people probably don’t get it, and that’s ok! They’re not the one’s dragging your butt out of bed each morning.


I can hear your questions already – righto Jess, but I really know why I want to obtain goals in my business, BUT I’m still not getting there – what’s the deal?


There’s a bit of a holy trinity going on here that we need to always keep in mind – you can have a SUPER powerful why, but if your beliefs don’t align with what you’re trying to bring into your life (manifest if you will), it will not turn up. Your sabotaging, turning off the alarm clock, sneaking a choccy biccy ways will remain in tact. And as always – you need to take action. You can have all the plans and good intention in the world but they are no good without action and what gets in the way of action? Fear! That bad boy is a whole other post – today let’s concentrate on your motivator.


Why ‘Why’ Works

Let us cast our minds back to January 1 (pick any year) and think of the resolutions you made… then fast forward to January 21 of said year and how many of you had lived up to the goal you set? The common statistic is that 8% of people stick to New Years Resolutions and it all comes down to Why.


For the majority of people they get swept up in the emotion of another year having passed, and perhaps last year’s resolutions are still not tended too, so they have a few drinks and someone starts the conversation. They lay out all their resolutions and for sure, they’re going to stick to them this year, because its 20-something something. And then nada. Same old shit.


Let me ask you this – if I gave you $50 to run 20 metres would you do it? No brainer – sure thing. If I then said, I’d give you $50 to run 20 metres of broken pieces of lego (or hot coals – you get my drift) would you do it? No way! But if your child, loved one or partner needed rescuing from the other side of those 20 metre coals – you’d do it in a heartbeat. Because your ‘why’ was strong enough.


If you have goals, and you’re not achieving them; or you find yourself watching 4 hours of Game of Thrones in the middle of the day instead of working; or perhaps you’re spending all your time on facebook, it’s time to find your why.


Dean Grazioso has created an exercise called 7 Levels Deep. It allows you to slowly go through, step by step to get clear on exactly why it is you’re doing something. A lot of the time why you think you’re doing something, and why you’re ACTUALLY doing it are very very different.


For example, my personal trainer did this exercise and at the start of it, he thought he was motivated to buy his own house so that he had something solid of his own. When he worked through it, it turned out that it was ACTUALLY so that he could provide for his mother when she retired. What??? That’s two TOTALLY different motivators and you can see why the latter is so powerful and why he is driven to achieve.


Once you know this motivation you can then use it to take even more action steps! What to find out why you really run your business? Click here to get the audio exercise, or click the picture below!


It only takes a few minutes and all you need is a pen and paper!

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